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What we do

Ikes serves only premium quality freshly roasted whole bean coffees. That is the core of what we do – but there is a lot more to our story.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to cherish and enthuse you. Every single day we are eager to get to work to put a little spring in your step and happiness in your day. This was true when the first Ikes opened in 2001, and it’s just as true today. Our bright and friendly coffeehouse and kitchen is here to ensure your day is extra-ordinary, and to remind you how rich life really is.

Distinctly Different

We carefully select ingredients, combine them in a distinctly creative way, and offer you a unique experience which will make your day simply better. Nothing we make in our kitchen is standard or typical – it will fill your stomach, your senses and put energy in your being.


We craft original product to share with our clientele. This artistic license is something we enjoy and are proud to have a happy and inventive workforce that makes our coffeehouse a meaningful place. 

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